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March 6, 2010

A Trip to Mandalay

Ok, so the headline is a little deceiving. I did not go on an exotic Burmese vacation. I went to a restaurant in downtown Silver Spring.

Mandalay is family owned and run. Three generations of Burmese Americans are the heart and soul of this place and it is evident the second you walk in the door. Mandalay is very casual and welcoming. The decor is simple and personal. There are even pictures of the children on the wall. It makes you feel as if you are sharing a meal with their family.

The food is straightforward and delicious. The samosas are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. How could potatoes and peas wrapped in pastry and deep fried not be outstanding? I ordered an entree with chicken and potatoes in an onion curry sauce. Although this sounds like an Indian or Thai dish, the main difference is the absence of cream or coconut milk. This makes the spiciness of the sauces much more apparent, so keep that in mind when ordering. The great thing is that you have total control over the heat. They let you decide just how spicy you want your dish to be when ordering. They clearly understand that tastes are different and want to make sure that everyone enjoys their dining experience.

Mandalay will be added to my list of regular dining spots. They have great food, friendly service and they are very reasonably priced. Most of the dishes are around $12.

Mandalay Restaurant and Cafe
930 Bonifant Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910


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