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March 22, 2010

Sabroso is Delicioso

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It was a Friday evening, I just left happy hour and I was starving. I wanted something good and something fast, but also wanted to try something I hadn't had before. A friend recommended I go around the block to Sabroso on Colesville Rd in downtown Silver Spring.

It smelled great when I walked in- intense aromas of spices and rotisserie chicken. I wasn't impressed when I looked at the sides turning to mush under the heat lamps, but what can I expect during a slow hour on a Friday night. I opted to bring home a roasted chicken with sides of coleslaw and fries (neither of which had been sitting under the heat lamps). It was ready quickly and it was cheap. It was around $17 for a WHOLE chicken and two sides. This could easily feed a family of four (no I did not eat all of this myself.)

Driving home, I found it hard to resist grabbing a crispy french fry. Ok, I didn't really try that hard. I snuck a few fries and they were really good. They had that crispy outside coating. I used to refer to these as "stealth fries" or "the good fries" back in my restaurant kitchen days- also known as college. They were more expensive to order, but they tasted better, cooked faster and the customers like them.

When I got home, I barely made it through the door before I ripped open the bag and started digging in. The coleslaw was one of the better ones I've had in awhile. I am partial to how they dice it as opposed to julienne and it didn't have an overkill of mayo.

Now for the chicken. There is no better way to put it than "yummy". I know- that's an annoyingly happy and childish word, but so am I sometimes. It was tender, moist and full of flavor. The skin was covered in seasonings and the flavor penetrated to the bone. I am guessing we got lucky and hit them on a good night as I've heard mixed reviews. I'm sure I will be back so I'll follow up on consistency.

If you want some more details on local Peruvian chicken, check out Just Up the Pike. This local blogger has been to several places for his Great Peruvian Taste Test. Thanks for the tip JUTP!

Sabroso Grill
8624 Colesville Rd
(Across from the AFI Theatre)


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You should try their grilled steak too, its really good!

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