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November 8, 2010

App Review: Epicurious for iPhone

Photo courtesy of iTunes

There are tons of food-related iPhone apps out there and I honestly find most of them useless.  They either don't have the features that I would want or have only a handful of recipes.  I have come across one that I have now fallen in love with: the Epicurious app.

This app offers loads of useful functions for the beginning cook and the seasoned pro.  You can search for recipes by keywords, ingredient, course, dietary consideration and even season or occasion.  There is an impressive variety of recipes- over 8,000 under the main ingredients search alone.  Once you find ones you like, you can save them into a favorites folder.  When you're ready to use it, you can save it to your "shopping list" where it breaks out all of the ingredients you need.  This app has photos and user reviews as well. 

I have yet to see another app out there that combines all of these functions.  The best's FREE!  This is quickly joining the Yelp app as one of my favorites.