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March 23, 2010

Cherry Blossom Restaurant Specials

Photo by National Cherry Blossom Festival

It's Cherry Blossom time! The peak bloom dates have been moved up to April 1-4. If you're planning to go to the festival or just wander around with the other several 100,000 people taking pictures, be sure to take advantage of the area restaurant specials and fuel up to battle the crowds. Here are just a few highlights:

Asia Nine Bar & Lounge
915 E St., NW
Edamame cherry dumpling appetizer; Crispy fish with Pik King
and cherry rice sauce; Cherry sushi entree; Taro Roti with
sweet cherry sauce dessert

BlackFinn American Saloon
1620 I St., NW
Cherry glazed baby back ribs; sour cherry cobbler;
Chocolate covered Cherrytini

Logan Tavern
1423 P St., NW
Grilled chicken stuffed with pecans, dried cherries and
Gorgonzola cheese

1430 H St., NW
Smoked duck arancini with Cherry Aioli

Restaurant Marvin
2007 14th St., NW
Rabbit terrine with cherry preserves

For more specials, check out a full list on


Christy said...

So here's the funny thing about all these cherry blossom specials that contain cherries: The Japanese Cherry Blossoms have no fruit. Nice try though, DC restaurants.

DevouringDC said...

hahaha, good point! I guess it would be less exciting to lure customers in with cherry blossom napkin rings? ha

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