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December 18, 2009

Gingerbread House Contest

Photo from This Old House

Ahh the holidays. It's a time of year for traditions. For many, one of these traditions involves making a huge mess, getting your hands covered in frosting and candy and losing your patience building an edible house. For those who are extremely talented at this task, This Old House is holding a Gingerbread House Contest. Some of these are unbelievable (and some are not, but I won't be like this guy.) If you think you have the gingerbread-building chops for it and have steady hands, enter for the chance at the T.O.H. Gingerbread Champion title.

I'm no stranger to gingerbread competitions myself. Thanks to my friend Christy, we held a little competition in our office for a few years. We sadly retired the contest after she left for San Francisco, but frankly I think it's really because people were just too scared to challenge me anymore. I have to say I was pretty awesome at gingerbread architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright had nothing on me. See for yourself. Maybe I should enter the This Old House contest. What do you think?


DevouringDC said...

It has been brought to my attention that I only won the gingerbread contest one year because our dear friend and gingerbread champion, Eddie, had already left the company and was not participating. I dare not want to confuse the public on this matter. Eddie DID have a swimming pool for his gummy gingerbread inhabitants

Anonymous said...

You better RESPECT!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss the contest.I never participated but I always helped myself to the supplies.

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