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July 12, 2009

Party-Friendly Pie Bites

Last Thursday was the annual off-site for our department and my group was in charge of throwing the happy hour that followed.  We decided on a carnival theme complete with games, drinks and and carnival-themed snacks.  I was in charge of donating a dessert and making sno-cone shots.  (These are great on a hot summer day!)

For the dessert, I decided to make miniature pie bites.  I made apple, blueberry and cherry. Given that it was a weeknight and I had about 50 to make, I opted for the easy way out and used all store-bought ingredients. After pre-heating the oven to 350 degrees, I started with store-bought pie dough that I used to line a mini muffin pan. 
I filled the shells with canned pie filling and then used a cookie cutter to cut little stars out of dough to top them with.  I baked them for about 25 mins until they were bubbly and the crust was browned slightly.  They turned out pretty good, but I must admit it's not my best work.  Nothing can take the place of fresh, homemade ingredients and fillings.

Now, for the sno-cone shots.  These were insanely simple, but a little messy. Get yourself a good blender and some crushed ice. Add some flavored Puckers and blend until, well, slushy.  I poured them in small sno-cone cups that I found at Target and they were a hit! They are cold, refreshing and dangerous. They don't taste alcoholic so be careful... or don't, your choice.  


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