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July 8, 2009

No More Nicaro! Noooo!

Ok- I'm a little behind the times on this- but Nicaro is closed? Boo hiss! I LOVED that place.
It always had amazing service, great wines and wonderful and fresh food. The dishes were always simple, but elegant and I found the portion sized to be perfect- which is rare. I absolutely cannot STAND when restaurants give you 2 pounds of food to compensate for the fact that it's just not very good quality.

From what I understand, Nicaro is under new ownership and will reopen (maybe). The now former chef, Pedro is planning to open a new restaurant by the metro. If all of this is true, then I'm thrilled at the possibility of yet one more great restaurant in Silver Spring. I cannot say enough how sick I am at staring out my office window at the likes of Red Lobster and Macaroni Grill. Silver Spring needs to build on its character and continue to open unique, original and delicious restaurants- preferably those not affiliated with a chain or that have waitstaff wearing "flare". But I digress, I can only hope that the new ownership at Nicaro will have the same great taste, hospitality and basically that they'll have their act together to live up to the former owners. Good luck to both and please open up soon!


Anonymous said...

Have you been to 8407? I hear it's quite good.

DevouringDC said...

You know, I haven't. I have been meaning to since the day it opened (or shall I say, since I heard they were even planning it!) I will have to get over there soon

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