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July 21, 2009

Best Cupcake I've Ever Had

Last week I had the best cupcake I've ever had in my life! Ok- I know that's a pretty bold statement, but I consider myself somewhat of an expert or connoisseur, if you will, having eaten and baked thousands of cupcakes in my time. This cupcake was far superior to any I have ever baked or any that I've paid for.
A coworker came around with a small box of cupcakes that he had bought from another employee in the building named Irene.  She is trying to start her own business and has been baking on the side.  My coworker offered me one and, thinking about the fact that it's still bikini season, I declined.  I curiously asked "what kind?" and he said "boston cream pie."  Boston cream pie...CUPCAKES?! With this new found information I chose to change my cupcake offer response to a resounding YES.  I thought if I split it with a few girls in the office I wouldn't have to feel so guilty about it.  

I thought I would hold off on devouring the whole thing until after my meeting for fear of walking in and getting the shiny, silky chocolate all over my face. Needless to say, I didn't pay attention to anything in the meeting and counted the seconds until I got back to my desk. I grabbed a fork and knife and cut the cupcake in equal pieces to share with coworkers (a decision I now regret.  Why did I have to learn sharing in Kindergarten? It's overrated.) I shoveled the cupcake piece into my mouth and could not believe how smooth and delicious it was. The chocolate on top was perfectly shiny and smooth and the filling was decadent. There wasn't so much custard that it oozed out, but rather it was the perfect amount to keep the cake moist and give you a little treat in the center. Hands down- best cupcake ever.
I keep reading in other blogs in the area about how much we need a great cupcake place in Silver Spring.  (Sorry CakeLove- your cupcakes are dry, overpriced and just not good. Trust me, I've tried waiting an hour or whatever it is you preach for it to come to room temperature, but it was still a huge disappointment every time.) We need Irene to open a place ASAP! I know opening your own business is stressful, complicated and expensive- but can anyone out there help her out! SERIOUSLY! If I had money I'd donate to the cupcake cause but I unfortunately could probably only buy you a couple dozen eggs and a sack of flour at this point.  I sure hope she gets her shop and I hope it's in Silver Spring.  It would be worth having to make extra trips to the gym.  
I did get her business card so order your own and prove me right. Also, check out her photos- she makes some gorgeous cakes that would give Ace of Cakes or the Cake Boss some stiff competition! 
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