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December 15, 2010

Road Trip America, Final Destination

We made it! Ok, we made it on Friday but haven’t had our cable and internet hooked up so had to leave you hanging for a few days.

The morning of departure from Lake Havasu we were planning to go take pictures of the London Bridge and continue our drive all the way to San Jose for a pit stop to see some friends and then the extra half hour to San Bruno, our final destination. When we got up, though, we just wanted to get going. The trip had finally taken its toll. We skipped the London Bridge pictures, although we drove past it so still saw it.

The trip seems to have taken its toll on the dogs as well. Lelu declared that she’d “had it” and kept trying to crawl over the front seat. This went on approximately every 10 minutes for the entire 10 hour drive.

We didn’t make any more sight-seeing stops along the way, but I followed along on the Roadside America app to see what oddities were out there. There were some interesting things. Out in the Mojave desert area, there were an abundance of alien-related stops. People building weird chambers and houses in the shape of spaceships type of thing. There was the last gas station James Dean stopped at before his fatal car accident as well as a memorial at the sight of his accident. There are small wild-west towns with donkeys roaming the unpaved streets and little old motels that have been in business for 60 or more years.

We started at a lake in red mountains, passed through the Mojave desert, then to more flat land similar to Texas, then lush, rolling hills that looked like Italy. We did stop for some food along the way, but couldn’t find any cool mom-and-pop places. It was pretty desolate. Sadly, our choices were rest-stop Pizza Hut, Taco Bell or Carl’s Jr. So, we got incredibly sloppy burgers from Carl’s Jr. and gas station snacks. Yum?

We met our friends in San Jose and introduced our dogs. It went better than expected, until Lelu’s patience wore out. We got to San Bruno around 9:30pm and crashed at our new, empty house. Now, for the furniture to arrive…


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