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September 3, 2010

Pizza Making Class at Sorriso

Back in February I wrote a blog entry about a wonderful dining experience at Sorriso in Cleveland Park.  When I looked back on their website, I noticed the Pizzaiolo, Stefano, got his Masters in pizza making in Italy.  I also noticed that they would be offering classes, so I couldn't wait to sign up. The class is small, maximum of four people, which is fantastic.  It guarantees a great learning experience and it's fun to do with a few friends.

When we arrived on a hot July morning there was a man there with a camera. He asked if we were there for the class. I was confused since we already had 4 people for the class but he said he was doing a story on the Polles family for CNN.  First a "debut" on Top Chef now CNN- I'm on a roll this year!

We went inside where Stefano greeted us, gave us our aprons and a packet that includes some history and recipes. We dove right in. He told us about the importance of the dough, the ingredients and method. (I won't be sharing these secrets with you, sorry. I paid good money for this class- pay your own way!) Our math skills were put to the test in measuring out ingredients- which can be challenging first thing in the morning with a camera on you. No pressure! We went through in detail, step-by-step, the dough making process where we made the dough that would actually be served at the restaurant that week!

We kneaded, stretched, rolled and formed all of the dough balls. It was so much fun I wanted to stay on that evening as free help! Now it was time to make our own pizzas. Stefano showed us how to form the pizza and properly top them. By properly, I mean with simple, fresh ingredients. As a Domino's and Pizza Hut nation, we tend to get a little carried away sometimes. He showed us their kick-ass, wood-fired rotating pizza oven that costs about the same as half my college education. (I want.) We topped our pizzas and put them in the oven.  Shortly after, we were enjoying the fruits of our labor with a glass of Prosecco (admittedly followed by some wine and other libations.) The pizza was so incredibly fresh tasting and the crust...THE CRUST! Stefano was not messing around. Dough is not something to be taken lightly- it truly makes the pizza.

As we sat and stuffed our faces, Stefano's father, Pietro entertained us with stories and told us about his vineyard back in Italy. I want his life. What a charming and hospitable man.

As a foodie, there couldn't be a better way to spend a Saturday. It felt great to be in a kitchen again, other than my own. I had a great day with friends, great food and it was a great learning experience.

The added bonus was that it was filmed for CNN! Once again, however, only the back of my head made the cut. I see a trend here! I encourage you to check out the story below and definitely take the class!

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