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September 13, 2010

OBX Eats: The Really Good and the Really Bad

While getting our floors refinished, we headed to the Outer Banks to stay with my in-laws at their beach house.  I worked remotely by day and feasted heavily by night (well...and pretty much all day, too.)

My favorite restaurant anywhere would have to be The Blue Point in Duck. I've been going there for years. I was a little concerned when I heard rumors of recent bad reviews and dining experiences. Not once have I had anything short of exceptional. Hearing of these so-called bad reviews, I was anxious to go. I had to prove them wrong and make sure, for my own sanity, that they hadn't slipped.

There were six of us dining that evening and we were seated at a table with a great view of the sunset. Our server was very pleasant and quickly took our drink orders then came back with an amuse bouche. You don't see many restaurants offer these tiny palate-pleasers anymore. I love that the Blue Point provides this extra touch.

For first courses, we ordered the crab dip special and she-crab soup. The crab dip was creamy, smooth and rich. The she-crab soup, a restaurant specialty, was amazing as usual. I feel compelled to have this every time I'm there.

For an entree, I ordered the tilefish special, with a fresh corn salsa and tomato water. It was heavenly. The fish was cooked to perfection- tender, flaky and moist. The salsa was obviously fresh and shaved off the cob and the tomato water added a sweet balance to the fish. We were tempted to order dessert, but knew we had my homemade dark chocolate ice cream waiting back at the house.

Another spot I like to hit up is Baldie's Burgers and Ice Cream in Duck. I love grabbing burgers from this place for lunch or for a no-fuss dinner. They actually remind me a lot of Five Guys' burgers. I always have to get a single bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, pickles and ketchup. Simple and delicious. We grabbed burgers and salty skin-on fries to take back to the house.

The last time I was down in Duck, we had lunch at the Roadside Cafe. I remember it being pretty good but the service was slow. We decided to give it another shot one of our final nights there. Boy, do I regret this decision. When we arrived, we put our names in and got drinks. After about 30 minutes, we were seated outside. Little did we know, this is where we would have our butts parked for the next couple of hours. To say we had been neglected would be an understatement. We did get our orders in and our salads came eventually. Unfortunately, no one has told them that Balsamic dressing and Ceasar dressing don't go together. It's just wrong. Maybe I'm a caesar salad purist, but I don't think it's something to be messed with. It's hard enough to find a good basic caesar without having restaurants try to get "innovative." It's salad. Leave it at that.

At least another hour passed after our salads arrived as we sat with our over-dressed plates, empty glasses and chill of the night air. Thankfully we had the company of a giant spider that looked like a Maryland crab to entertain us. It could see we were getting bored so decided to dip up and down and back and forth between the pergola and our table umbrella. This freak of nature enjoyed paralyzing me with fear while I wait anxiously for our main course.

We sat so long my legs ached. As we all had the debate of whether or not to walk out- something I have NEVER done or even come CLOSE to thinking about- my husband made the call to go inside and see what the hell they were doing in there, if not cooking our dinners. (For the record, I voted to walk out. We'll be renegades next time, Mrs. G!)

About 10 minutes later our entrees arrived (not at the same time, of course.) We weren't even hungry anymore at this point, but shoveled away, pushing our food around our plates. To add insult, they barely apologized and were "generous" enough to comp us our drinks. Um, thanks. Needless to say, that will be on the list of places I shall never return. Cue the violins.

The Roadside adventure aside, we had a lot of great meals in the Outer Banks this trip and, even if I was working, it was great to be with our family to close out another season at It's Noon Somewhere. It may be a while before we can all get back there again, but I will be counting the days.


Christy said...

I would like to know more about your home made dark chocolate ice cream :o)

DevouringDC said...

I actually used the Cuisinart recipe!

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