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May 16, 2010

More Modern Kitchen Gadgets

In my constant quest for finding things to buy online that I don't need, I am always coming across modern, cool gadgets for the kitchen. I'm a sucker for modern design. For someone who loves entertaining, it's always fun to bring out conversation pieces for guests. Here are a couple of items I cam across this weekend:

Index Chopping Boards by High Fashion Home
It's important to keep you boards for veggies, meat and fish separate. Here is a unique, clean and simple design to keep your boards organized and keep you from getting salmonella.

Pick Your Nose party cups from
Why? Because you have a sense of humor and so
do your party guests

Sushi Time modern sushi serving platter from Nova68
Elegant, simple and modern design to equally match the artistry of sushi

Apple Slicer from the MOMA Store
Not only does this make slicing apples easy,
but it keeps them from browning if you decide you don't want the whole apple!


Pandoras OEM said...

The apple slicer is a helpful tool in kitchen...specially in the rush time at breakfast.Interesting blog....thanks for sharing.

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