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May 26, 2010

Blue Moon Time

Sorry beerb1tch. I just really like it! At least be proud it's not a Miller Lite tonight. I'm a bourbon drinking girl who drinks girlie beer. Go figure. I am working on it though. I have been making a conscious effort to try more beers, try better beers and to stop hitting the panic button and ordering a watered-down cheap skunk brew when there are always better options. I think I have reached the acceptance stage of my recovery.


Christy said...

I'll let it go just this once. What I usually do in bars is pick the style I want, then ask the bartender what's good. "Do you have any good craft wheats?" will get you a good beer, and it's an invitation to most bartenders to continue suggesting the good stuff.

DevouringDC said...

I will definitely have to do it that way from now on. I also try to remember taking pictures of the labels when I find a good one

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