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November 25, 2009

Gimme Some Flippin' Pizza

Flippin' Pizza, a chain originating in New York in 2007, just opened in downtown Silver Spring. There are not many great options in Silver Spring when it comes to pizza. Of course there is Mama Lucia's which is pretty good and Z Pizza which seems to take 45 minutes just to get a slice. I have been eagerly awaiting this Flippin' opening and yesterday had the chance to try it for lunch along with my friend Laurie (shout out).

It definitely had the feel of a New York pizza place with the brick walls and cozy black wainscoting. It was a little on the kitschy side and ditto for the menu with its quirky anecdotes (check out the IFAQS "where does pepperoni come from?"). What didn't seem very "New York" is the people were extremely friendly. There were what seemed to be about 15 people behind the counter all smiling and politely willing to serve. Ok, there were 5, but you get my point. At Z Pizza there could be 30 people behind the counter and yet none of them will acknowledge you are there unless you throw something at them.

In the limited time I had, I opted for a slice of the Brooklyn pizza from the case. This has pepperoni, meatballs, mushrooms and garlic. I have to say it was pretty good, even though pizza is never as good as a re-heated slice as when it's a fresh pie from the oven. The pepperoni was spicy and curled with crisp edges. You could taste the garlic and seasonings and I was pleased with the thin crust- not too crispy and not too soggy. It's not the Italian, gourmet neapolitan style pizza like you would find at 2 Amy's, but if you are looking for a simple New York style pizza this is a pretty good bet. It would be even better if they delivered, but they don't. The menu has an anecdote for that too.

Flippin' Pizza
8517 Colesville Rd (near Georgia)
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Rob said...

First- How dare you not invite me when there is food involved. It won't happen again, right? OK now on to the pizza. Had it today. As an expert in NY style pizza I have to say, this just about hits the mark. The secret to good NY pizza. Can you fold it and this is right on. I give it a B+.

Ken said...

I went to Flippin' Pizza for the first time Friday and was unimpressed. The Pizza was bland and unappealing. The employees didn't seem to know what they were doing and their system for serving slices was a total cluster....
I've always gotten great service at Z Pizza. The employess are very friendly and courteous, and the pizza is out of this world.

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