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August 8, 2009

TV Dinner Shame

Hi.  My name is Heather (hi Heather). I've been a foodie for about 30 years. I had a weak moment last night and fell off the wagon. (sighs of disappointment) I went to a happy hour and enjoyed good company and libations.  I came home to an empty house (except my dogs) and was feeling tired. After looking through my refrigerator for something that I could throw together in some sort of masterful creation, I found nothing. I pretty much only had a fridge full of condiments.  I considered ordering in, but couldn't wait. I was famished. I saw one thing that was "edible" in the back of the freezer. It sat there staring at me, challenging me, daring me.  My hand shaking, I slammed the freezer door shut and told myself "No Heather, you are stronger than that.  Resist." Unfortunately I gave into the rumblings in my stomach and grabbed the microwave meal of beef tips merlot.  

I popped the plastic meal in the microwave and 5 minutes later came out the piping hot freeze-dried beef in a cheap merlot sauce. There were some flavorless potatoes and rubbery green beans. I devoured it. I can't believe I ate the whole thing. Oh the shame! I was so hungry I ignored the fact that it tasted like salty cardboard with a dash of vinegar.  

It was not my best moment. Even my dogs looked at me with disgust. I'm sorry dogs. I'm sorry world. I will overcome. Hopefully, I'll be stronger and go back to something yummy tonight to make up for it.  Don't hate me.  


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