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January 11, 2011

I Miss East Coast Pizza

The San Francisco Bay area has a lot of amazing food.  No one can deny that.  Some of the world's top restaurants and chefs have set up shop here.  One food that I haven't found to be great here: pizza.

I don't want to generalize too much.  It's not like I've been to every pizza joint in the area.  I have been to (or ordered from) a handful, though and have yet to be impressed.

FAIL #1: Seniore's Pizza, San Bruno
The YELP reviews were pretty high for this place and they delivered so I went for it.  I was disappointed by the spongy crust.  It wasn't terrible, but I definitely have had better pies.

FAIL #2: Toto's Pizza, San Bruno
Ok, soggy crust, too much cheese, funky taste overall.  One of the worst pizzas I've ever had, honestly.  I was starving and still couldn't eat more than a slice.

FAIL #3: Extreme Pizza, San Bruno
Slow service of about an hour for a place a mile down the street.  Got boneless buffalo wings that tasted like they had maple syrup on them.  This place was Extremely unremarkable.

So far, the best pizzas we've had were made by our dear friends the Lindeman's or ones that we made ourselves at home.  I think we're just going to stick to this plan. (Lindemans- we'll be inviting ourselves over soon!)

Now, to leave on a positive note.  I've discovered something this area does fantastically: Pho!  You can get great Pho just about anywhere.  It's perfect for warming your bones on a damp rainy day.  I always order the raw beef (it cooks when it hits the broth) noodle soup.  The best part is it's cheap.  You can feed two people to the point of being stuffed for $6.75.  Awesome.

Now I'm hungry and want Pho.


DevouringDC said...

ps- I know this post has nothing to do with DC but the new blog isn't ready yet. I have been slacking on the setup, but it will come...

Christy said...

You guys are welcome here any time, as long as you don't mind waiting until midnight to eat. You know how J is in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Go to A16 for pizza in San fran!

Devouring DC aka So Forking Good said...

thanks makeitnaked! I'll check that out!

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