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October 27, 2010

Brunch is Awesome

I love brunch. There is nothing more perfect after rolling out of bed extra late on a Sunday and brushing off a hangover with some Eggs Benedict (Benny) or Belgian waffles. This weekend being Halloween I imagine there will be plenty of need for a gluttonous Sunday feast.

One thing I hate is deciding at the last minute you want brunch and then not knowing where to go.  Brunch DC has a great blog about brunch all around the DC metro area. I was particularly tempted by the Tabard Inn's homemade doughnuts and and Cafe Saint-Ex's Monte Cristo! They have a pretty extensive list of brunch reviews and you can sort by neighborhood.

If you want to be original, host your own brunch! Change it up- do a special theme or cuisine. Friends will love the casual gathering and it can be a nice change of pace from standing in line because a lot of places don't do reservations for casual brunch. Check out this list of a Month of Brunch Menus to give you some inspiration.

Whether you go buffet style, sit-down, formal or a casual brunch at home- be sure to go heavy on the grease and keep the mimosas coming!


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