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August 4, 2010

I Am The Worst Food Blogger Ever

Let me start off with saying I'm sorry. I have neglected the blog, but not on purpose. Thanks to a five minute thunderstorm I lost power for almost a week. The power returned just in time for me to go to the beach for a girls' beach weekend. So, this post won't be so much about any one food thing in particular, but rather a quick catch up of food-related randomness. So, here we go...

  • Girls' beach weekend in Bethany I would like to thank by dear friends, especially SPF and her in-laws, for a wonderful beach weekend in Bethany Beach. It was incredibly relaxing and full of naughty food and drinks. Here are some highlights:

    • Pig + Fish: had a yummy crabcake and steak, fantastically large goblets of Sangria and some wine to follow. Tip: skip the mashed potatoes. They were brown and dull. I know- I AM a mashed potato snob. The crabcakes and steak were perfect though!
    • The gluttony lunch from Surf's Up: this place is apparently just something you have to experience. You have to be willing to let yourself go (in every sense) and just dive in to the juicy and insanely large cheesesteaks. I used to be terrified of them after a bad hangover experience from a bachelorette party (Trish), but upon trying it out again this weekend, they were really good and full of cheesy, greasy, goodness. 
    • Mango Mikes: Two words- Orange Crush. I have to be honest, I don't really remember the food we ate. I know it was a ridiculously large assortment of appetizers. I wasn't there for the food. We were all there for the crush. This drink is refreshing, light and dangerous. You can't taste the alcohol, so they go down quite easily. 

  • What's going on right now in DC:
    • Groupon Deal: 50% off a cooking class with Top Chef's Carla Hall! This season 5 finalist from Top Chef is offering cooking classes at Alchemy Caterers. Sign up to meet a cheftestant and sharpen your culinary skills!
    • Living Social DC: Today's deal is $25 for $50 gift card to Strike in Bethesda.  I used to love going here when I lived there.  It's fun and I love their bar food- particularly the sliders. They remind me of White Castle.  I would definitely get the coupon, because it's easy to rack up a tab here.
    • Restaurant Week!: Restaurant week starts August 16th and ends the 22nd. Make reservations for $20.10 three-course fixed price lunches and $35.10 three-course fixed price dinners. Don't procrastinate on your reservations. Even though there are over 200 restaurants participating, they book up quickly. Oh the pressure- so many places I've been wanting to try out!!

  • And the biggest news is... I'm moving to San Francisco! Yup- you read that right. This foodie is moving to the foodie capital of the US. Don't worry- I will still be cooking and blogging- probably more than ever. It does mean, however, that this blog will be, well, irrelevant. SO- why don't you help me come up with a new blog name. Post suggestions in the comments. If I pick your idea, you Sorry, I'm moving across the country. I don't have the funds to be buying people dinners. I'm still in the DC area for awhile (until fall) but I will keep you all posted on a move date and blog-change date. Please stick with me, loves!


Ladies Who Brunch said...

Where in the city are you moving? I grew up there and can't wait to go back eventually!

How about Bay Area Bites?
Or Frisco Foodie?

DevouringDC said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm not sure where I'm moving to just yet- on the housing hunt now. Can't wait!

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