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April 16, 2010

Eat Local With Help From Your iPhone

Spring in DC to a foodie means farmers markets! They are a cook's paradise. I love wandering around and getting inspiration from the colorful fruits and vegetables. There are often local bakers, cheese artisans and livestock farms there as well. I've gotten some great bison burgers and just last weekend bought an amazing smoked mozzarella. The best part is knowing that they are local. You can shop green and help the local economy.

What if you don't know where the markets are? You can look online, although that information isn't always updated and sometimes isn't there at all. What if you're on a trip or in a new area? Well, hopefully you have an iPhone. There is a fantastic App called Locavore (download here) that can help you find area markets by using your phone's GPS. For $2.99, it also tells you what's in season and gives you recipes you can try with those ingredients. I love this App! I've downloaded dozens of Apps I thought would be cool and haven't opened them since, but this is actually useful. The latest version even connects to Facebook so you can share your local eats with your friends. Speaking of Facebook, you can get an App for that here too. Maybe these can help you to eat green and give you inspiration for Earth Day next week.


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