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January 19, 2011

I've Moved!

So, many of you know, I've moved- in more than one sense.  I've moved across the country to San Francisco so I feel that I must move my blog as well.  It seems like I'm a bit of a poser if I keep posting about DC when I don't live there anymore.

So, that being said, I've started a new blog.  It's called So Forking Good. It will have the same great content, but will be less geographically-focused.  I promise you, I will use this new blog to continue to provide great recipes, reviews, food news, interviews, food tips and much more along with any chance at snarky or goofy commentary I can manage to think of.

I can't thank you all enough for following Devouring DC.  I honestly thought my family would be the only ones to read it (because I paid/blackmailed/threatened general safety of them, of course) but it turns out I'm not too horribly boring for the public food-loving interweb community.  You've given me an addiction and fueled my existing passion for something everyone in the world shares a common interest for: food. I spent a decade in the DC area and have more memories and friends than I can count.  I thank all of you.  I will truly miss the DC area- the friends, the restaurants, the happy hours, the KFL memories... all of it.  It is now a permanent fixture in who I am and will be forever.  What an amazing experience it has been.  I know I am more than a little bit of a nostalgic/sappy person, I mean, who doesn't cry at the ASPCA commercials (I have your number Sarah McGlaughlin you B*tch. I already have more rescue dogs than I can handle!) However, I look forward to more amazing memories no matter what the location.  Thank you DDC readers!  I truly love all of you and hope you will follow me on my new adventures! Eat well my friends- life's too short to do otherwise.

January 11, 2011

I Miss East Coast Pizza

The San Francisco Bay area has a lot of amazing food.  No one can deny that.  Some of the world's top restaurants and chefs have set up shop here.  One food that I haven't found to be great here: pizza.

I don't want to generalize too much.  It's not like I've been to every pizza joint in the area.  I have been to (or ordered from) a handful, though and have yet to be impressed.

FAIL #1: Seniore's Pizza, San Bruno
The YELP reviews were pretty high for this place and they delivered so I went for it.  I was disappointed by the spongy crust.  It wasn't terrible, but I definitely have had better pies.

FAIL #2: Toto's Pizza, San Bruno
Ok, soggy crust, too much cheese, funky taste overall.  One of the worst pizzas I've ever had, honestly.  I was starving and still couldn't eat more than a slice.

FAIL #3: Extreme Pizza, San Bruno
Slow service of about an hour for a place a mile down the street.  Got boneless buffalo wings that tasted like they had maple syrup on them.  This place was Extremely unremarkable.

So far, the best pizzas we've had were made by our dear friends the Lindeman's or ones that we made ourselves at home.  I think we're just going to stick to this plan. (Lindemans- we'll be inviting ourselves over soon!)

Now, to leave on a positive note.  I've discovered something this area does fantastically: Pho!  You can get great Pho just about anywhere.  It's perfect for warming your bones on a damp rainy day.  I always order the raw beef (it cooks when it hits the broth) noodle soup.  The best part is it's cheap.  You can feed two people to the point of being stuffed for $6.75.  Awesome.

Now I'm hungry and want Pho.